An Introduction to Materia

Last summer, I was out of the country on vacation, and because of the time difference, slept through Sony’s evening press conference at E3. The next morning, I woke up to texts, app notifications of all kinds, and frantic emails about the announcement that the classic Final Fantasy VII was going to be remade – finally! – and that we even had a dramatic trailer that that got me biking to our town’s local library to watch on wifi.

By the time I got there and was able to access a computer, the Final Fantasy VII announcement had been coupled by a tweet from Loudr co-founder Sebastian Wolff calling out for musicians to collaborate on a celebratory album.


And that’s how I got involved with what became Materia Collective, an amorphous group of several hundred musicians who love video game music, and collaborate regularly on albums.

Of course we started off with our premiere album MATERIA, a massive four-disc set of arranged and remixed tracks from Nobuo Uematsu’s score to Final Fantasy VII, but then followed it up with SUCCESSOR, a tribute to Final Fantasy VIII, and NIBEL, an album that came together in less than a week when Moon Studios released Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition.

Working with the Collective has been nothing short of amazing. I have met a wide variety of musicians and members of the game audio world – they started off as people I fangirled over when scouring YouTube during high school and college, and I now I find myself calling them colleagues and friends.

As Materia Collective grows (both in terms of musician numbers as well as album numbers) so does our presence. We went from one informal Facebook group to having a collection of public pages: Facebook, Twitter, an official website….and now a blog!

We want a place for Materia Collective followers to not only stay in touch with the latest happenings in Materia, but to get a glimpse behind the scenes of our rapidly-growing group. How do we put an album together? What is the licensing process like behind the release of our albums?  How do we decide which game to cover next? Each album is an exciting journey, but also a unique one – no two albums follow the exact same process, as each one is run by different musicians, and is released for different reasons.So, follow us on our various platforms, and stay updated here as we figure out the direction of this blog, journaling our Materia experiences along the way!

~ Emily McMillan